Sealcon Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings

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Nylon Fittings

Dome & Flex - PG/NPT

Done & Flex - Metric

Elongated - PG

Elongated - Metric

Reduced Fittings

Enlarged Fittings

Snap Elbow - PG/NPT

Snap Elbow - Metric

Multi-Hole Fittings

Romex - Flat Cable

HP Clamp Fittings

Nickel Plated Fittings

Dome & Flex - PG/NPT

Done & Flex - Metric

Elongated - PG

Elongated - Metric

Snap Elbow - PG/Metric

HP Clamp Fittings

EMI/RFI Fittings - std

EMI/RFI Fittings - feed

Mini WADI Dome

Multi-Hole Fittings

Chemical Resistant - PG


Chemical Resistant - PG

Chemical Res - Metric

Stainless Steel

Hazardous Location


Locking Nuts - Nylon

Locking Nuts - Brass

Locking Nuts - Steel

Locking Nuts EMI/RFI




Hole Plugs

Hex Plugs

Seal & O Rings

Mult-Hole Inserts

Romex Inserts

Assembly Tools











Incorporated in 1984 Major Electronix, Corp is a supplier of industrial power, sensor and automation products. 

Major maintains a extensive library of competitor and related product literature, web sites and a database. We use this to help our customers cross competitor product, to gain sales knowledge about our competitors advantages and disadvantages and become more than the company who must have a part number to price product. We also monitor industry innovations, market place direction and customer feedback.

Major is a supplier that caters to the small and large OEM, MRO & Distributor customers. This can sometimes pose a challenge when selling to a distributor and OEM in the same market. Our solution has been to establish a open line of communication and develop relationships with our distributors to support there efforts and not duplicate there sales.

We believe that the competitiveness of the marketplace has created a need to become more aware of customer needs. We would like to be prepared for this challenge with the most innovative means possible, and customer service is the building block we use to achieve this.


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